I&#039m an ASP beginner generating ASP Pages using MS Visual Interdev on an NT4 workstation connected to an NT4 server running IIS. Whenever I add a data command to my project, I start getting error messages when I try to view an ASP page. (Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 800401f3&#039 Server.CreateObject Failed.)I have installed the IIS Resource Kit components as instructed in Knowledge base article Q249290 with out improvement. Any ideas? I&#039m beginning to wonder about my system set-up & IIS install.<BR><BR>I found a microsoft knowledge base article (Q162976) that suggested testing ASP functionality by using the ASP Roadmap. When I go to my IIS4 server programs as instructed, I don&#039t see the Roadmap as a choice. Where do I get Roadmap? <BR><BR>