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    James Alexander Guest

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    I&#039m trying to use ICVerify w/ Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition and more specifically ASP but i&#039m having the hardest time w/ it, anyhelp or insight would be greatly appreciated, please email me at alexander.james@acd.net

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    ICVerify is difficult to interact with ASP AND retain support from ICverify. 3rd party interaction within the product will negate support fromICverify - if you really need to interact with it.do so from the data file it creates and extrapalate from there with ASP using server.fileoject..<BR><BR>hth<BR>Mark

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    Joel Graham Guest

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    www.bluesquirrel.com has A$PCharge that has been developed to work with ICVerify. I am just starting to implement the two together and so can&#039t give you a finished answer but it all looks right together.

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