I have a broken Visual Studio 2003 app. On the start page the modified date for the projects does not update, in a project(solution) the Web Form Designer generated code is throwing an error, when a breakpoint is set on a specific line and then the project is run in debug mode the breakpoint has been shifted to an unrelated line of code.<BR><BR>I have a RequiredFieldValidator control on this page that is not even referencing the correct button and preventing me from finishing the debugging of the page&#039;s code. I removed the RequiredFieldValidator control and replaced it but it is still not responding correctly.<BR><BR>Additionally, yesterday the entire program closed abruptly and completely on its own. After that I "repaired" VS.NET 2003 and at least it is not crashing but all of the other symptoms are still there.<BR><BR>I have also downloaded and reinstalled the .Net Framework SDK 1.1 to no avail.<BR><BR>Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Bill Antonacchio