I have recently had a site demostrated to me (a newsgroup binaries archive<BR>site) that allows a user to select multiple files, then download the<BR>selected files combined as one zip. At first i thought this was nothing<BR>special (plenty of Zip libraries out there), until it was pointed out that the download commenced immediately,<BR>and some of the many selected files were almost a GB in size. The only<BR>conclusions I can draw from this is that either a) they have a super-fast<BR>zip service working in the background (which i think is unlikely), or b) you<BR>can somehow &#039;stream&#039; a zip file to the client, as it is created - which i think is the more<BR>likely option. I&#039;ve noticed that none of the zips are compressed and was<BR>wondering if its possible to somehow add a zip header to the response,<BR>followed by binarywrites of the selected files?<BR><BR>If anybody can shed any light (point me in the direction of<BR>articles/components/examples) on how to do this using c#/asp.net I would<BR>really appreciate it.<BR><BR>tia.<BR><BR>Mark Kelly<BR>