i have a imagebox in my asp.net web form(main.aspx).i have set the imageurl property of the imagebox to image.aspx page with some querystring in the page_load event of the form. now when i first time visit the main.aspx it works fine ie after the page load event of the form control goes onto page_load of the image.aspx which render a image.<BR>i have one more server control button.but when i click on button page_load event of main.aspx is fired which sets the url of the image to again image.aspx.after that button click event is fired but control don&#039;t always transfer to image.aspx. sometime it loads image.aspx but sometime it doesn&#039;t.<BR>if i press F5 to refresh page it always call image.aspx<BR>can i somehow make call to image.aspx everytime, i press on the button so that it returns a image to imagebox.<BR>