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    I am having problems inserting double quotes into SQL. I&#039m using the Replace function to handle single quotes, but I&#039m losing all the text after a double quote. Here&#039s the replace code I&#039m using:<BR><BR>Function padQuotes(str) <BR>padQuotes = Replace(str, "&#039", "&#039&#039")<BR>End Function<BR><BR>If I try to enter something like this: I am a "test". This is sentence two.<BR><BR>It looks like this after being submitted: I am a <BR><BR>Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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    If I am understanding your problem correctly, you could just replace the double quotes with singles like below:<BR>ssql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_name "<BR>ssql = ssql & "WHERE col_name = &#039HELLO&#039;"<BR>Hope this helps.

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