Hi, here is my problem:<BR><BR>The user control (named: manifest.ascx) contains some buttons and a panel, when one of the button "Add a New Segment" clicked, hide this button and show the panel which has all the input fields for a new segment....<BR><BR>If the user control is hard coded in the aspx tag like this:<BR><BR>&#060;asp:panel id="pnlManifest" runat="server"&#062;<BR>&#060;uc1:manifest runat="server" id="myManifest1"&#062;&#060;/uc1:manifest&#062;<BR>&#060;uc1:manifest runat="server" id="myManifest2"&#062;&#060;/uc1:manifest&#062;<BR>&#060;/asp:panel&#062;<BR><BR>Once click the button "Add a New Segment", they work properly. <BR><BR>However, if the user control be added dynamically to a panel from the code behind in the way it has to be (see code below) once click the button "Add a New Segment" nothing happen. It seems not working properly.<BR><BR> For i = 0 To FlightCount - 1<BR> myRow = DSflights.Tables(0).Rows(i)<BR> Dim c1 As UserControl = LoadControl("manifest.ascx")<BR> c1.ID = "myManifest" & i + 1<BR> CType(c1, manifest).qIndex = myRow("qindex") <BR> pnlManifest.Controls.Add(c1)<BR> Next<BR><BR>the panel "pnlManifest" is inside the &#060;/form&#062; tag of course.<BR><BR>Offer any idea what should I do to make it work? Much Appreicate!!<BR>