I&#039;ve only been using asp.net for 2 days now, and for 1 of those days, i&#039;ve had this problem and can&#039;t figure it ou.<BR><BR>This webform, has a datagrid, and a couple of text boxes above it. One of the rows has a url post back to itself, which fills in the text boxes with more detailed information than what is in the datagird. Anways, once thats done, you can then change some of the information and update it to the database, that is where it all goes down the toilet.<BR><BR>When I hit the update button, I don&#039;t get any error, but it doesn&#039;t update the database either.<BR><BR>Heres the update button part of the code<BR><BR> Private Sub btnUpdate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpdate.Click<BR> drClients.BeginEdit()<BR> drClients("Name") = txtName.Text<BR> drClients.Item("Contact") = txtContact.Text<BR> drClients("Phone") = txtPhone.Text<BR> drClients("Address1") = txtAddress1.Text<BR> drClients("Address2") = txtAddress2.Text<BR> drClients("City") = txtCity.Text<BR> drClients("State") = txtCity.Text<BR> drClients("Zip") = txtZip.Text<BR> drClients.EndEdit()<BR><BR> Select Case dbaddclient.UpdateClients(dsClients)<BR> Case dbaddclient.UpdateResult.ConcurrencyError<BR> lblError.Text = "The data has been modified by anouther user, try again"<BR> Case dbaddclient.UpdateResult.SQLError<BR> lblError.Text = "An SQL error has occured"<BR> Case dbaddclient.UpdateResult.Success<BR> lblError.Text = "Updated"<BR> &#039;Response.Redirect("clients.aspx")<BR> End Select<BR><BR> Dim debug As String<BR> Dim drDebug As DataRow<BR> drDebug = dsClients.Tables("clients").Rows.Find("2")<BR> debug = drDebug("Name")<BR> lblError.Text = "Something Strange just happend, try again"<BR><BR>And here is the dbaddclient class<BR><BR><BR><BR>Public Class dbaddclient<BR> Public Enum UpdateResult<BR> Success<BR> ConcurrencyError<BR> SQLError<BR> End Enum<BR> Private Shared Function Connection() As SqlConnection &#039;SQL Connection function that is used internally by the class<BR> Dim sConnectionString As String<BR> sConnectionString = "Initial Catalog=wsconnect;Data Source=ServerComputer;User ID=****;password=***;"<BR> Return New SqlConnection(sConnectionString)<BR> End Function<BR> Private Shared Function DataAdapter() As SqlDataAdapter<BR> Dim sSelect As String = "Select * From clients"<BR> Dim daClients As New SqlDataAdapter(sSelect, Connection())<BR> daClients.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey<BR> Dim cbClients As New SqlCommandBuilder(daClients)<BR> Return daClients<BR> End Function<BR><BR> &#039;Experimental GetClients function, not tested yet<BR> Public Shared Function GetClients() As DataSet<BR> &#039;Dim sSelect As String<BR> &#039;sSelect = "Select * FROM clients"<BR> &#039;Dim cmdClients As New SqlCommand(sSelect, Connection)<BR> &#039;Dim daClients As New SqlDataAdapter<BR> &#039;daClients.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey<BR> &#039;daClients.SelectCommand = cmdClients<BR> Dim dsClients As New DataSet<BR> Dim daClients As SqlDataAdapter = DataAdapter()<BR> daClients.Fill(dsClients, "clients")<BR> Return dsClients<BR> End Function<BR><BR><BR><BR> Public Shared Function addclient(ByVal client As clientclass) As Boolean &#039;the addclient function and returnd true or false based on success<BR> Dim sInsert As String _<BR> = "INSERT clients (Name, Contact, Phone, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip) " _<BR> & "Values (@Name, @Contact, @Phone, @Address1, @Address2, @City, @State, @Zip)"<BR><BR> Dim DBConnection As SqlConnection = Connection()<BR> Dim cmdClients As New SqlCommand(sInsert, DBConnection)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Name", client.Name)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Contact", client.Contact)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Phone", client.Phone)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Address1", client.Address1)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Address2", client.Address2)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@City", client.City)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@State", client.State)<BR> cmdClients.Parameters.Add("@Zip", client.Zip)<BR> addclient = True<BR> DBConnection.Open()<BR> Try<BR> cmdClients.ExecuteNonQuery()<BR> Catch e As SqlException<BR> addclient = False<BR><BR> End Try<BR> DBConnection.Close()<BR> End Function<BR><BR> Public Shared Function UpdateClients(ByVal Clients As DataSet) As UpdateResult<BR> Dim daClients As SqlDataAdapter = DataAdapter()<BR> Try<BR> daClients.Update(Clients, "clients")<BR> Return UpdateResult.Success<BR> Catch eConcurrency As DBConcurrencyException<BR> Return UpdateResult.ConcurrencyError<BR> Catch eSql As SqlException<BR> Return UpdateResult.SQLError<BR> End Try<BR> End Function<BR>End Class