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    me out with the following POST. <BR><BR><BR><BR>I am sorry for re-posting but I know this one will get lost in the mix.<BR>Thanks

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    Default No.

    You can&#039;t have a variable magically have a value. Why can&#039;t you just move the look as Bill suggested?<BR><BR>Otherwise you&#039;ll just have to have a wrapper function or something and pre-populate that variable (or call your function twice - once at the top and once at the bottom).<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default As was said in the other...

    ...thread, you either have to move the loop or you have to use JavaScript to set the value of a placeholder at the top of the page and then write the result of the loop into the JavaScript. The latter is very complex, so I wouldn&#039;t want to post the relevant code here.<BR><BR>However, why can&#039;t you move the loop? What&#039;s so specific about the place that it is in at the moment?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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