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    Hello,<BR><BR>I would like to use both a bookmark (eg tapedetails.asp#myBookmark) along with query string data (eg tapedetails.asp?tapeID=999)<BR><BR>However, tapeDetails.asp#myBookmark?tapeID=999 looses the query string data and tapedetails.asp?tapeID=999#myBookmark gives a "page not found" error.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to combine the two?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>DC

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    the standard is meant to allow both, in the order querystring first, anchor second, IIRC.<BR><BR>shouldn&#039;t give a &#039;page not found&#039; - if anything it whould throw a runtime error. is this what you mean

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    Default I think you are doing to wrong

    Show the code you have now<BR>I think you might have just coded it a bit wrong somewhere...<BR><BR>Based on what you wrote here<BR>tapeDetails.asp#myBookmark?tapeID=999<BR><BR>The ? and #MyBookmark are messed up...<BR>So it is looking for this exact page<BR>tapeDetails.asp#myBookmark &#039;&#060;&#060;&#060;which is an invalid url/page...<BR><BR>And this <BR>?tapeID=999<BR>Is the querystring tacked onto the invalid page...<BR><BR>So yes, the error you are getting saying<BR>"Page not found" is absolutely correct.

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