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    one big problem when i export from sql server to<BR>access 2000 is that it can&#039;t export the autonatic number <BR>in the sql server have field with identity and primary key<BR>but it export it just to int field. just this.<BR>there is no such problem with the primary key because<BR>i can add it manualy<BR>but with the automatic number it doesn&#039;t permit me to change<BR>when i have already values inside<BR>do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

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    Access, unlike SQL Server, does *NOT* allow you to temporarily shut off the automatic numbering while you do a bulk insert.<BR><BR>Nor can you have an INT field that you then later change to AUTONUMBER.<BR><BR>The best you can do is leave it as an INT field in Access and work out your own way of doing the numbering.<BR><BR>There *IS* another way to do this, but it&#039;s kind of long and cumbersome:<BR>-- You create *blank* (or dummy, if some fields can&#039;t be blank) records in the Access DB, with an autonumber field. Create enough so that the max autonumber in the SQL Server DB is in the list.<BR>-- You do an UPDATE on the Access DB, using the values from the SQL Server DB, on matching autonumber fields.<BR>-- You delete any records in the Access DB that did *not* get updated from the SQL Server DB.<BR><BR>

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