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    I am dymamicly creating a table based on a recordset. however I am having difficulty formating a cells.<BR>I wanted cells width to be max=3px if it is more then that wrap the text. How do I do this?<BR>My code is below:<BR>For Each dataRow In dependentTable.Rows<BR>For Each dataColumn In dependentTable.Columns<BR>If dataColumn.DataType.Name &#060;&#062; "Byte[]" Then<BR>Dim Row = New TableRow<BR>Dim Cell = New TableCell<BR>Cell.text = dataColumn.ColumnName & ": " & (dataRow.Item(dataColumn).ToString())<BR>Cell1.Wra p = True<BR>Row.cells.add(Cell)<BR>dependentDetailsTab le.Rows.Add(Row)<BR>End If<BR>Next dataColumn<BR>Next

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    Umm.... set the width on the TableCell.

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