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Thread: ASP and Intranet Excel Docs.

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    Hello,<BR><BR>Assume I have a search feature (big assumption at this point)<BR>that will return a list of Excel Files. I do not want to use<BR>a browser to edit portions of files. I want to open a selected<BR>file in Excel where the user can make changes using the standard Excel functionality. This is on an internal network, and I am<BR>sure that the people using the asp page will have access to<BR>the documents.<BR><BR>What I am thinking about is something like the Start-&#062;Search-&#062;<BR>For Files or Folders... option.<BR><BR><BR>Any Suggestions or References?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Do it yourself

    if you want... just use the FSO and check for extension .xls<BR><BR>At least that&#039;s what I think you&#039;re getting at?

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