can i open word in my browser

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Thread: can i open word in my browser

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    Default can i open word in my browser

    if so how? <BR><BR>thanks chris

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    Yes it is possible to open a word document in your browser, provided that you are using MSIE 4.x or greater and you have MS Word installed on your system. Basically, all you do is link directly to the file in your HTML... <BR><BR>be careful with permissions, tho! If the user "IUSR_COMPUTERNAME" has "FULL" or "Change" access to the folder, then that means users can edit it.. and save it... which is evil and nasty.<BR><BR>Also, I&#039m not 100% sure, but I really doubt this would work for any non-Microsoft browsers out there.. and I&#039m absolutely sure you can&#039t open Word documents in your browser if you don&#039t even have MSWord.<BR><BR>I hope this is the answer you were looking for (or didn&#039t want to hear :).. If it&#039s not, clarify that question a bit, and I&#039m sure someone can help you out.

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