The nature of things is changing....

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Thread: The nature of things is changing....

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    ...looks like you can&#039;t direct people to the FAQs &#062; "Nature of things" anymore when they say: "How do I call server side code from the client?"<BR><BR>

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    Default True, but....

    It&#039;s still a hack, to try and compensate for the nature of HTTP. <BR><BR>We actually built a site a year or a year and a half ago that did client callback, where teh client-side JavaScript was making requests to a web service on the server for data and calculations. It worked pretty well, but it&#039;s a bear to get right. <BR><BR>

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    The nature of things is not really changing, it just that the workarounds are being baked into the system, I hope it is better than "Remote Scripting".<BR><BR>I built stuff many years ago (NN 4.05) that used javascript to call server side functionality.<BR>I built stuff for the release of IE5 that was xml/xsl on the client, the only reason we used asp pages (for UI) instead of htm pages was to check security.<BR><BR>When MS gave away the useService htc, it became trivial to call soap based webservices from the browser.<BR><BR>

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