I am not sure if asp.net is the best way to do this, but from what I have been reading it should be the way to go. I have been searching for days now looking for some sample code to do this with no luck. I will just explain the functionality I am looking for and if someone could suggest the best way to do this that would be wonderful!<BR>Here&#039;s what I have: Three categories for the portfolio: (Currently they are tabs at the top of the page) View By Client, View by Category, Recent Creative. Say there&#039;s a new website example that I need to post. I want it to show up in all three places, but I only want to build the content page once (content consisting of the thumbnail, description copy, link to enlarge, link to contact). So what I was thinking is that I could build a page for each portfolio piece that could dynamically get pulled into the sections that I need it to. I would like to somehow be able to assign each page what ever keywords I need to like the client name, the category, if it&#039;s recent etc. The left nav would have everything that was in that particular category and would be links to the other pieces in that category. <BR>