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    Default Dynamic Image Maps (ASP)

    Like most product websites all our product info pages are populated using a database and ASP. Now one of the dynamically generated content is an image. Is there a way to attach an image map to this image dynamically. Meaning depending on which info page someone goes to there will be an associated image map. I.E. someone looks for a towel, the image that comes up with this query will have its own Image Map. Then the customer looks for clips, again the image of the clip will have its own image map but it will be on the same parts.asp page. The code for the parts page is the same no matter what product someone pulls up. How do I attach a unique image map to whatever part a customer pulls up? <BR><BR>http://www.qosina.com/catalog/part.asp?partno=29401

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    Default Server or client map???

    Personally, I don&#039;t see any reason to muck with a server side map. Client side maps are easier to read and debug.<BR><BR>And now it&#039;s easy: You simply store the image map in the DB along with the filename of the image. Whether you store the HTML text for the map or you store coordinates, it&#039;s the same principal.<BR><BR>Ummm...this assumes you are using a DB to store the image file names. And associatated info.<BR><BR>

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