I am currently in a team working on a asp.net project. Part of our requirement is to have frames, and a middle teir layer (c++) that handles all of our logic, and data access.<BR><BR>We are stuck on one part though. We can not figure out a good way to transfer information between frames. We need to be able to click on a button "View by day" for example, have a command sent to our "master frame" which will then call our C++ layer. Our C++ layer will pass information back to our "master frame" and we&#039;ll need to send all of that information to the correct frame to be refreshed.<BR><BR>Is anyone available to help with code/tips?<BR>If you are please e-mail or contact me?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>gymratseq@yahoo.com<BR>MadCowOIT (AIM)