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    I have two sites on one externally-hosted server. They share a database which sits in the webspace of one (say, Site1).<BR><BR>This all works fine. But I&#039;m having trouble using the same code in each to upload files. It works fine for Site1 but not for Site2.<BR><BR>The error message is "The system cannot find the path specified."<BR><BR> Count = Upload.Save("d:domainssite1uploads")<BR><BR>As I say this is the correct path when you&#039;re on Site1. Since I am saving to a database on site2, why would this not work? A permissions issue?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Could well be permissions. Could also be that they&#039;re hosted at the same place (same company), but different physical servers.<BR><BR>They could use the same database easily enough across servers, but obviously the physical paths may be different.<BR><BR>You could use the FileSystemObject (FSO) to check whether that directory exists, and also use Server.MapPath() to find the root paths for both sites (to give you a clue about whether they&#039;re on the same box).<BR><BR>Also, the ServerVariables collection may be worth dumping to see if it contains anything that gives you a clue.<BR><BR>Craig.

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