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    PJ Guest

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    I have an order form that records information in an Access Database and writes an email to the appropriate person on my end and to the user. My problem is I don&#039t want the person&#039s credit card # in the email. It needs to go to the databse, but not to the email. I keep running into the error that the number of form sources and destination fields don&#039t match, but I want the all the information going to the database, just not the email also.<BR><BR>What can I do?

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    George K Guest

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    Thats a very straight forward task.<BR><BR>Should not be an issue. <BR><BR>Do you have any sample code that you are using?<BR><BR>-G

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    Thanks, George. You&#039re right. It is straigh forward. I discovered my solution shortly after posting the message. This just shows my inexperience with ASP.

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