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    Here is the scenario, I hope someone can help me with .....<BR><BR>The following example involves 2 applications and a class file created as part of a remoting project. I hope some here can help!!<BR><BR>I have a DOT NET remoting project created where I run an app from a client PC and connect to a Host PC running another app. This app runs and listens for requests on a port that is made from a client PC. As well, the host has a class file that actually does the work when a request is made. The class file is called (referenced) as part of the request.<BR><BR>I have this working where a client sends a request to a HOST PC, instantiates an instance of MS Access, opens a report created within access, generates a SNAP SHOT fille from the report and saves it to the HOST PC (which is exactly what I want). I want to be able to reference or call that snap shot file and download it from the HOST to the CLIENT. All as part of the request that gets made. In essence, the client request is supposed to open a report, create a snapshot of that report, save it to the host and download it to the client for viewing!<BR><BR><BR>If anyone can help in any way, I would appreciate it .... or a direction to website ... anything!<BR>

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    Default Have you tried the ASP.Net forum? eom


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