How to Access a .DBF file in ASP

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Thread: How to Access a .DBF file in ASP

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    I have a some set of DBF(dBase) files located in different folders. As I will get the filename and path dynamically from the user.<BR>Based on that i want to access the .dbf file can any one help me out on this<BR>thanks <BR>gokul

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    Hi, you should be able to open a dBase file the same way you open any other ODBC file (MS Access or .mdb file)... just go thru the control panel and specify the correct driver ... if the dBase file isn&#039t too old, it&#039s probably in the same format as a Foxpro file. Also, you can do it thru Microsoft&#039s ADO ....if you like checkout ... the have an ADO driver for sale also. Hope this helps you.<BR>Steve.

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