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    Can you use the NOW() function in Javascript. For example in my function I tried this:<BR><BR>var frmObjValue2 = NOW();<BR><BR>and I keep getting errors. HOw can I set a variable to today&#039;s date?

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    Default In the left panel of this page... can click on "JScript Reference".<BR><BR>You&#039;ll then see a list of topics.<BR><BR>Click on "functions". See Now( ) in that list? Nope?<BR><BR>Not surprising since it&#039;s a VBScript function.<BR><BR>In JS you can do:<BR> var whatever = new Date( );<BR>and now the variable whatever will reference an object with the current date and time in it. But don&#039;t expect to use that in the same way you would in VBScript.<BR><BR>Go to that JS reference and now, in the list of topics, click on "Objects".<BR><BR>Then click on "Date object". <BR><BR>Have fun. Tons of reading ahead.<BR><BR>

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