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    Hi...<BR><BR>Before I start, I want to appologize for my ignorance on this subject, but I&#039;m currently in the process of making the (somewhat lengthy) transition from ASP and ADO to and and I&#039;m having trouble comprehending why I would want to use a dataset and disconnected data. I&#039;ve read all these articles saying how has tremendous advantages over ADO in that you can manipulate disconnected data. <BR><BR>From all of my past experiences with developing datacentric websites, all I have had the need to do is:<BR><BR>1) Connect to a datasource and grab some data<BR>2) Populate fields in a web-form (be it .net web controls or html controls) based on the data retrieved<BR>3) Update the original datasource based on user input (ie. delete records, add new, edit, etc.)<BR><BR>Based on this, could someone explain to me why I would ever have the need to use a disconnected dataset?<BR>

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    Default Well, it's not like you have a choice... soon as you create the dataset and fill it via the data adapter(s), it&#039;s really disconnected. <BR><BR>Of course, you don&#039;t *have* to use a dataset, at all.<BR><BR>But, anyway, if you keep the dataset around, then you can make changes to it (add, delete, change records) and then simply call UPDATE on its data adapters and all the needed steps will be done for you. Assuming, of course, that you built it with the right data adapters.<BR><BR>But I agree with you: It seems to me that, for web-based apps, the data adapter may be more trouble and overhead than it is worth. Though certainly Visual Studio makes using it really easy.<BR><BR>Ehh...I could probably play Devil&#039;s Advocate either way on this one. <BR><BR>

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