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Thread: partial retrieval data from database -- urgent

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    shrey gour Guest

    Default partial retrieval data from database -- urgent

    i want to retrieve the whole data from the database.but the data has to be displayed partially on the page and only when the user says next the next block of data should be displayed.(something similar to display of mails in the inbox). can anyone help me? it&#039s very urgent<BR><BR>

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    George K Guest

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    Try using " LEFT(variable, number) "<BR><BR>this function will format any variable the way you are asking.<BR><BR>LEFT, MID and RIGHT can be used. these just tell the function where to start grabbing data/characters from the variable<BR><BR>(variable, .. ) is the variable that you want to trim<BR><BR>( .. ,num) is the number of characters to retain before chopping the rest off.<BR><BR>SO..<BR><BR>left(News, 10) <BR><BR>the above function will take the news variable, grab the first 10 characters (spaces and all) and then drop the rest off.<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>right("superman", 5) would result " erman "<BR><BR>you see?<BR><BR>You can use this before printing the variable to screen.<BR><BR>Quite handy...<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>-George K<BR><BR>

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