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    Default SCRIPT_NAME

    When i use the Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") the part of the URL after the questionmark isn&#039;t included;<BR>f.e. and when i ask on this page for the URL with the above method, it gives only this back:<BR><BR>From articles i understood that normally it should also include the part after the &#039;?&#039;. So does anyone have an idea what is the problem here?

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    Default RE: SCRIPT_NAME

    Come on, why is this in advanced? of course isn&#039;t the querystring included since you ask for the SCRIPT name.<BR><BR>execute the following:<BR><BR>for each bla in Request.Servervariables<BR> response.write & Request.Servervariables (bla) & "&#060;BR/&#062;<BR>next<BR><BR>and see what variables you can choose from

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