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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am using cookies to track last logout user. My code to set cookie<BR><BR> &#060;%Response.Cookies("UserName") = "Vinu"%&#062;<BR><BR>And for <BR> &#060;%=Request.Cookies("UserName")%&#062;<BR><BR> But it&#039s not giving values from cookies. Cookies are there at directory - &#039cookies&#039. Is there any other way to access values from cookies.<BR><BR>Please suggest a better way,<BR><BR>Dennis.<BR>

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    Cookies are used for storing information on a per-user level. All users are given the same cookies with variables either static or dynamic.<BR><BR>The best way to &#039track&#039 you last user is to store it on the application level.<BR><BR>But be careful, for the love of god. Application variables (like sessions) are ok if you don&#039t over-do it.<BR>

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