Hi, <BR><BR>I am trying to copy the items from one listbox to another listbox. Both the list boxes are with multiple selection mode. My code copies selected items without any problem but it disables all the textbox and doesn&#039;t give any error. Interestingly the other form element like checkbox and button remain enabled. I debugged the problem but couldn&#039;t figure out why its happening.There is no code in the whole application to disable the textboxes.<BR><BR>Your help is badly needed.<BR><BR>This is the code I am using as shown below. Please lok into the code and let me know if teher is something I am missing.<BR><BR>Sub AddRemoveKeywords(Sender as object,e as eventArgs)<BR> <BR> dim keywordItem as listItem<BR> dim selectedKeyword <BR> dim itemInFirstBox as new ListItem<BR> dim itemInSecondBox as new ListItem<BR> dim x as listItem<BR> dim blnExist as boolean<BR><BR> try<BR> if sender.id ="BtnAddKeywords" then<BR> <BR> blnExist = false<BR> <BR> For Each itemInFirstBox in ddl_keywords.items<BR> IF itemInFirstBox.selected = true then<BR> &#039;Check if the item already exist in selected list<BR> FOR EACH itemInSecondBox in ddl_selectedKeywords.items<BR> IF itemInFirstBox.value = itemInSecondBox.value THEN<BR> blnExist = true<BR> Exit For<BR> <BR> ELSE<BR> blnExist = false<BR> END IF <BR> NEXT<BR> IF Not blnExist Then<BR> keywordItem = new listItem()<BR> keywordItem.text = itemInFirstBox.text<BR> keywordItem.value = itemInFirstBox.value<BR> ddl_selectedKeywords.items.add(keywordItem)<BR> End IF <BR> END IF<BR> NEXT <BR> <BR> elseif <BR> sender.id = "BtnRemoveKeywords" then<BR> keywordItem = new listItem()<BR> keywordItem.text = ddl_selectedKeywords.selectedItem.text<BR> ddl_selectedKeywords.items.remove(keywordItem)<BR> <BR> end if<BR> <BR> catch ee as NullReferenceException<BR> trace.write(ee.message.toString(),"Error")<BR>fina lly<BR> <BR>end try <BR> <BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,