I am designing a page for our HR department which allows them to terminate a number of people from the organisation (it&#039;s called the Mass Termination screen - very cold)<BR><BR>It will allow the user to select a group of people in a hierarchy and they will then be displayed in a datagrid<BR><BR>Now rather than have to edit each line of the datagrid they want the ability to say - "OK - for all these people I want the termination date to be 01/01/2004"<BR><BR>Now you can do similar stuff with hotmail where you tick a box in the header and it ticks all rows.<BR><BR>I am wondering how to do this for the other info that needs to be entered.<BR><BR>Like the date example above<BR><BR>I was thinking of having input boxes above each columns which would allow the user to type the value to be applied to each row. And then a button which would apply this value to all relevant rtows and then rebind the datagrid to the source<BR><BR><BR>I won&#039;t make the input boxes part of the datagrid. Just a single row of boxes in a table with the same dimensions as the datagrid<BR><BR>Has anyone got any opinions on a better way to do this.<BR><BR>Or does this seem reasonable<BR><BR>thanks a lot