I have this stored proc.<BR>...<BR>DECLARE @errorsave int<BR><BR>BEGIN TRAN<BR><BR>INSERT INTO dbo.Enrollment (InternetNumber, Company, ContactName, Address, City, StateProv, ZipPostal, Email, Phone, Fax, ContactMe)<BR>VALUES (@icn, @company, @contactname, @address, @city, @stateprov, @zippostal, @email, @phone, @fax, @contactme)<BR><BR>IF @@ERROR &#060;&#062; 0 <BR> BEGIN<BR> RETURN @errorsave<BR> ROLLBACK TRAN <BR> END<BR><BR>COMMIT TRAN<BR><BR>SET NOCOUNT ON<BR><BR>SELECT txtUserID, txtPassword<BR>FROM dbo.Account<BR>WHERE txtInternetCompNum = @icn<BR><BR>SET NOCOUNT OFF<BR><BR>First, is the set nocount on/off in their proper places? Second, in my ASP page how do I check if the insert was successful and no error was returned? How do I get the resultset?