I&#039;ve searched all over the internet and and have yet to find an answer to what appears to be a common question. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve constructed a datagrid and can populate it from a database. I have enabled sorting for the grid and it works fine as does the edit, update and cancel features. <BR><BR>The problem arises if I sort the grid then try to use the edit function - in that order. Example - before sort record "A" is in row 2. After sort record "A" is shown in row 10 and record "L" is shown in row 2. If I click on the edit link in row 2 to edit record "L", as soon as the row goes into edit mode the grid is returned to its presort order, and though row 2 is editable as desired, the record that is now in row 2 is "A", not "L". Know of any way to solve this problem? <BR><BR>ironwill <BR>