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Thread: determining the order in which content is loaded

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    I&#039;ve been looking all over and i cannot seem to find any information on influencing a browsers download behaviour.<BR><BR>Are there ways to tell a browser not to wait on a certain image and continue rendering te rest of the page? or the opposite? Can you tell a browser to stop everything untill he&#039;s got the image on the page?<BR><BR>Could anyone point me in the right direction on this?

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    Nope, I don&#039;t believe there&#039;s any way you can do this.<BR><BR>Short of using a whole host of client-side scripting to check parts of the page are loaded and appending to the DOM once it&#039;s been validated...<BR><BR>Most browsers will download and render the HTML page, and then download attached items (images/css/whatever). However, it depends heavily on the content of your pages. If you&#039;re careful and give sizes for images in your HTML, then most newer browsers (IE5+, from memory) will render the page before it has the attached items (because it knows HOW to render it).<BR>Older browsers (NS 4.7 especially) require the entire of the page (including attached items) to be downloaded before they will render, because they don&#039;t have the ability to re-render a document once it&#039;s been displayed.<BR><BR>Why, what are you trying to achieve?<BR><BR>Craig.

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