Currently I am at a development block , which I hope you can help me in some way. I would really appreciate if you would respond. Here is my problem....<BR> <BR>I am developing an application in VB.NET in which I need to create a Client App, a Server App as well as creating a remote class for the communication between this host and client app.<BR><BR>The Host App runs on a remote server with the class file, and<BR>a client PC (running the Client APP) needs to call the Host app, which will call MS access on the server and run a report (created within access itself) for viewing on the client PC! I have a sample project project created and I can get this working by running the Host (server-) app on my localhost<BR>machine (that is created when I build the solution and is <BR>located in the bin directory of the project folder). Then I run the client app (also located bin directory of in its own project folder) This works fine! Code will instantiate an instance of Access and use it to open the DB, and display the report I specify!<BR><BR>I just cannot get this working when I try it using my PC and<BR>a server on our network! (The server does have MS Access 2000 on it) <BR>Can anyone help me in any way, or direct me to where I can get info on this. Is is crucial as part of a work project I am involved with. It is also suggested that we run the report on the remote server from a client, generate a snapshop of this report and save it locally to the server. Then allow the snapshot to be downloaded to the client and viewed through<BR>snapshot viewer Also, even if I had some direction on doing this via (via .aspx webforms) could help.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Much thx in advance!!