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    I have 2 files that I am using to send email to my account. I want to be able to add textboxes to my html code and have my asp file process it and send me an email. Currenlty only 2 fields are sent to my email. The Subject of the email, and the textbody.. Is it possible to add code to this asp file which will allow it to pull and display additional textboxes if I so desire?? Please help as I am clueless here. Thanks in advance.. I can attach the html file and the asp file, but don't see an option to do so.. Any ideas?

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    This isn&#039;t an advanced question, so post in the standard ASP Q&A forum.<BR><BR>I would have answered you, anyway, but I don&#039;t understand what the problem is. Do you want to add the "textboxes to [your] html code" in the page the user sees and then send that info via email? Or do you want the textboxes to be *IN* the EMail, so that the user fills in a form from email and submits it???<BR><BR>Or are you talking about something like<BR> &#060;FORM Action=""&#062;<BR>in which case this isn&#039;t an ASP question at all???<BR><BR>Yes, you should show part of your files, but please not all of a great big lengthy file. Show just enough for us to get the idea, the relevant stuff.<BR><BR>

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