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    Hi, <BR><BR> Im having a problem here. <BR>I have a customer who has requested to upload his products daily through a txt and a web interface that i&#039;ve given him. <BR>His txt has thousands over records eg 1 product is : <BR>"8887496003386","AIR BUD","MICHEAL JETER","27/06/2003","CHILDREN","12.95","VCD","0" <BR>So since each record is separated by a BREAK (vbcrlf) <BR>I have sorted the products to be in an array. My size of the array is therefore about say 5000 (not fix). <BR>What my script is doing now is.. looping the array, I check if that barcode (the first info - 8887496003386) is in the database, if it is then update the balance (which is the last column - 0). <BR>If doesnt exists, then insert the product into the database. <BR><BR>Problem I face now is, it takes up alot of processing time in my server, and we of course cannot afford that. So my tech support has proposed that I split up into batches. Eg Do first 300-500 products, then pause for awhile, then do the next 300-500 etc. Is this feasible. Or is there any other better ways u can think of? <BR>My client does not accept not being able to upload a txt file to do such upload, imagine he doesnt even mind having to wait ages for the upload. <BR>Please help. Thanks, <BR><BR>Twinklestars <BR>

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    Default This is really a repost

    Please stick to the orignal thread down below.<BR><BR>And you still haven&#039;t answered some of the questions in the original thread.

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