Hi , <BR>this is anil from mumbai <BR><BR>I am working on one project which is having requirement for refreshing the page <BR><BR>automatically and should go to next page .the time duration within should able to pass <BR><BR>through querystring.<BR><BR>Basically this page not user interactive so i need to display the data using dataset so <BR><BR>that large amount of data can be display in disconnected enviorment <BR><BR>For first page the program should be able to load the data in dataset and other pages it <BR><BR>will just read from that dataset and wont try to connect the database again which will <BR><BR>reduce the resource of server ..<BR><BR><BR>I have developed the paging in asp.net but using javascript ,i am not able to refresh the <BR><BR>page to next page after time duration <BR><BR>i am very curious about to how to implement this <BR><BR>Please guide me <BR>Thanks in advance .........<BR><BR><BR><BR>