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    I have some asp.net textbox controls on a page. When a user enters values for the first two fields I need to do a calculation and display it in the third box. I know you can do it with javascript but how with asp.net?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    if your boxes are called<BR>box1, box2, box3, ...<BR><BR>dim ctl as textbox<BR>dim sum as integer<BR>for i = 1 to 10<BR> ctl = findcontrol("box" & i)<BR> if isnumeric(ctl.text) then<BR> sun += int16.parse(ctl.text)<BR> else<BR> ctl = findcontrol("box" & (i + 1).ToString)<BR> ctl.text = sum<BR> i = 11<BR> end if<BR>next i

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