I have created a Crystal Report it works fine for a Single database. However i want the report to execute for a different database. I am Unable to change the Location of the current database, it take the value for the intial set database. My Code goes like this:<BR>Dim crLogonInfo = New TableLogOnInfo()<BR>crLogonInfo = cR_studentDetails1.Database.Tables(0).LogOnInfo<BR >crLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = ""<BR>crLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserI D = "sa"<BR>crLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = "sa"<BR>crLogonInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseNam e = "webei17200"<BR>cR_studentDetails1.Database.Tables (0).ApplyLogOnInfo(crLogonInfo)<BR><BR>but that doesnt pay me the result. Help me with your ideas of how to change the database in crystal reports during runtime.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.