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    the known error of <BR><BR>"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"<BR><BR>is giving me headache, but the problem is that its not ordinary.<BR>it only appears in the case where the page is still loading when the user clicks on a button that has some server action.<BR><BR>but if the user waits until the page is fully loaded and then he clicks the this case only.. the error message disappears.<BR><BR>what is the problem?!

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    Make sure that your submit button is BELOW any other objects?<BR><BR>&#060;asp:Submit id=... /&#062;<BR>&#060;asp:Label id=... /&#062;<BR><BR>If the user clicks on the submit before the Label has been loaded and you try to access the content of it in your code, that might generate the error.<BR>This is just a guess though :)<BR><BR>You could use If FindControl("lastControl") Is Nothing Then Response.Write("Please wait until the page has loaded")

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