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    My task is to create a web interface for an MS Access 2000 database (about 15 users). The server is running NT 4.0, and thus ASP 2.0. (This can&#039;t be changed due to company policy). I&#039;ve had much programming experience but little web dev experience. This would be my first large web app. It will need the following functionality:<BR><BR>login system<BR>search functionality<BR>ability to add/view/delete data from an access 2000 database with about 200 records<BR>custom data displayed depending on the user<BR><BR>Will ASP 2.0 do the job? If so, can anyone recommend any books/good sites to get me started?<BR><BR>Thanks for the help.<BR>

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    Yes, it will do the job just fine. <BR><BR>As for books, you could try the Sams Teach Yourself ASP book, though I haven&#039;t read it myself.

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    Default I think the Sams Teach...

    ...Yourself is a great book. I had the ASP 2.0 edition and now the ASP 3.0 edition, both of which are brilliant books to start ASP programming with and as a reference later. I&#039;m not sure whether ASP 2.0 is still around though.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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