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    &nbsp;<BR>I need to be able to ping from an ASP page and have the results returned for display. I found one tool, ASPPing, but it doesnt work, just returns an empty string (and eventually crashes COM Surrogate). I read about another tool, NERV, but the company that makes it does not have their website up, so i cant find anywhere to download it. i found an article on ( about pinging from ASP, but its not exactly what i want to do. Or at least it seems more complicated than I want it to be. I just want to ping and then display the results back on a web page. Anyone know of a tool for this, or at least where i can find more information on it?<BR>

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    Default If you are pinging to test...

    ...if a website is up or not, then PING isn&#039;t reliable, anyway. Most servers will respond to a PING even web server itself isn&#039;t running.<BR><BR>You might want to consider using msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP and actually trying to get a page (e.g., the default front page) from the servers in question. *THAT* is proof that the web server, per se, is up.<BR><BR>But other than that...Go look at and their list of components from many sources. Maybe somebody else makes a ping that meets your needs.<BR><BR>

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