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    I am trying to count the number of records in a recordset. <BR>RS.RecordCount gives a value of 0 or -1 depending on when records are found or not. How do I get the number of records in the recordset?

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    This is because you need to open your recordset with the proper cursor. The cursor determines if you can navigate through your recordset in a forward and backward motion or not. Using the default cursor (i.e. not specifying a cursor) opens a ForwardOnly cursor. The .RecordCount property determines the # of records by moving to the end of the recordset, then back to the beginning, so you need a recordset that supports movement in both ways.<BR><BR>See:<BR> Recordset Cursors: Choose the Right Cursor for the Right Job<BR><BR><BR>for more information on choosing a recordset cursor. For a more technical discussion of cursors and their associated performances, be sure to read:<BR><BR> Cursor & LockType Performance Issues<BR><BR><BR>Have a great day!<BR>

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