Using IIS 5.0 under Win2k. <BR>I have ASP code which uses WScript.Shell object to run an exe file on the server. This code use to work fine but we just rebuilt the server and it stopped working. <BR>The server is internal server and Anonymous Access has been disabled. It only uses windows authentication. <BR><BR>The exe file copies image from other server to local folder and 3 window user groups has been given full permission to this folder. <BR><BR>When I logon as an authenticated user and loads the page it doesn&#039;t executes the exe file any more. <BR>If I run the same command line locally on the server using one of the authenticated user login, it works fine. <BR><BR>Same code same exe still working fine on another server.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks a lot. <BR>