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    right now i am learning ASP .I <BR>have a problem here in running the programm i am getting these two messages.<BR><BR>when ever i am running my all asp files in the system ,it says "cannot load <BR>the file "path......."Make sure the file name and path are correct and that <BR>all required libraried are there<BR> <BR><BR>Microsoft Visual studio message<BR>"Unable to load development environment dll"<BR><BR>Like i am struck here and unable to see any .asp files work.Any sugession.<BR>Kavi<BR>

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    www.microsoft.com has the fix for "Unable to load development environment dll" Your need to run regserver23 XXX.dll the string to change to the correct directory and the command to run are at the microsoft site search on "Unable to load development environment dll" with out quotes.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>

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