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    i want to identify the two decimal places of a number. they will be either .25 .50 .75 but occurring with a different whole number i.e 1.25, 3.50, 7.75 etc <BR><BR>i wish to do a select case for each one like: <BR><BR>select case point <BR> case 25 <BR> take action 1 <BR> case 50 <BR> take action 2 <BR> case 75 <BR> take action 3 <BR> case 0 <BR> take action 4 <BR><BR>how can i do this with vbscript? <BR><BR>thanks in advance <BR><BR>gelboe

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    Please read the FAQ on crossposting.<BR><BR>I have answered in the reg exp forum. Quite why you posted there, I dunno.<BR><BR>Craig.

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