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    This is just one idea to make data access component for In all asp page you have to data base opearation like addrec,<BR>deleterec, insertrec and navigate etc..<BR><BR>In Windows enviornment it is easy to make but in application is state less ok that we will see later how can we slove this problem<BR><BR>DBAccess Component <BR>Properties : <BR>ITableName (from which we want to display data)<BR>Connection (Connection Object)<BR>ConnectionString (Database connection String)<BR>Methods : Addrec , NewRec , SaveRec , DeleteRec etc..<BR>Constructor : new, new(Connection), new(ConnectionString)<BR><BR>declare objDbAccess component<BR>Set tag properties of each field you want to display value from table, it will be used to build sql based on operation clicked by user (e.g delete : delete from tablename where pkfield = value<BR>internally library execute executenoquery statement to perform operation or you can write stored procedure which executes dynamic sql statement passed by you as a input paramenter<BR><BR>there will be grid on form, which display data using one of the methods of data access component dataview, fields on page will be bind to datagrid&#039;s respective column becoz does not support single value field direct binding with database<BR><BR>In windows enviorment it is working fine but in<BR><BR>1) How can maintain state of my object? b&#039;coz each my object variable will be initialized?<BR><BR>Please help me , give your suggestion , new idea better than this ..<BR><BR>Dharmesh parekh <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><B R><BR>

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    Go to MSDN and read about the Data Access Application Block.<BR><BR>

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