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    I need to find a way to use the existing user login for one of my clients. I know this is possible, since the client is doing this on one of their other sites.<BR><BR>Pertinent info:<BR><BR>1. They are running Win2K<BR>2. IIS 5.0<BR>3. This is an intranet, all users are authenticated, we just need to get access to their user alias without an new login.<BR><BR>My problem is Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER") is blank. I can get this to supply me with an authenticated login by turning off anonymous access, but they don&#039;t want another login. If I do this my code works properly and gives me a good user alias, but they don&#039;t want this extra login.<BR><BR>Microsoft is chockablock with all sorts of .NET stuff, but the documentation on this earlier stuff is probably deliberately not accessible. <BR><BR><BR>

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    Turn off anonymous access.<BR><BR>Then (here&#039;s the trick) add the intranet site on each of the client systems to the "Intranet" group in IE (in Tools-&#062;Options). Also make sure "Auto login" is set to "Only in Intranet group" or whatever it&#039;s called.<BR><BR>Bingo.<BR><BR>I once thought this&#039;d be a neat way to show different sections of our company different information for when they logged in... Never got around to it though.<BR><BR>Craig.

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