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    I need to open and parse a CSV file into a recordset or array. This would be a file that is generated from Excel. It will have linebreaks, quotes, etc. on each line. I have only found a C# way to do this and it is not working so well for ASP. Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Why not open it as a DB???

    You can use the JET driver to open a text file (CSV file) as a DB.<BR><BR>Figuring out the settings so that it takes quoted-strings as elements and comma as separator might take some work, but I&#039;m pretty sure it can be done.<BR><BR><B R><BR>Look at last one in that category.<BR><BR>Hey! I take it back! If you follow the link to the MS knowledge base, it actually shows *JUST* such a delimited file, quotes and commas and all! Apparently FMT=delimite is all you need for this format.<BR><BR>

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