Is it possible --- extending context.user.identity

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Thread: Is it possible --- extending context.user.identity

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    I currently use User.Identity.Name to display the currently authenticated user on my system but I need to know is it possible to easily extend context.user.identity?<BR>I&#039;m doing a forms authentication against a MS sql database and using VS.NET IDE w/ VB.NET, I need to return some extra data like BusinessAnalyst, manager, developer,...<BR>I would like to make these available through my application using eg:<BR>context.user.identity.BusinessAnalyst<BR>co ntext.user.identity.Manager<BR>context.user.identi ty.Developer<BR>...<BR><BR>Is this possible or is there another (and better) solution to do this?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>Jonathan

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    You have 2 options:<BR>- "Roll Your Own" identity schema inheriting the built in stuff (never done it before, but i know its difficult)<BR>or<BR>- Store the extra information in the "UserSettings" of the Authentication Ticket (some code here:<BR><BR>I&#039;ve stored quite a bit of info in that one spot in one of my applications, worked out well [:)]

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