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    http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/asp.asp?M=691050&T=691033&F=20&P=1<BR><BR><BR>&#06 2; "just for your info, i don&#039;t follow rules. i make my own rules and i love breaking rules made by mule heads like you."<BR><BR>I love it. I just BET he&#039;s a big Limp Bizkit fan ;-)<BR><BR>

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    Default Dead Wrong, This is ATRAX'S Friend

    From the other night...<BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/social.asp?M=690101&T=690101&F=40&P=1<BR><BR>I am 100% positive...<BR>Well, errr, ok, could be a Twin brother<BR><BR>;-)

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    Default Give him an inch

    and he thinks he&#039;s a ruler.<BR><BR>And To think some heroic Men and Women are fighting to make the world a better place ...

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